Perceptive Engineering is proud to work closely with a number of global companies and leading academic institutions, to uncover new ways of improving process efficiency.

Perceptive Engineering have been invited to collaborate with the EPSRC National Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (CMAC).  This leading edge research is developing new manufacturing techniques for the next generation of life science compounds.

life sciences, University of Strathclyde, CMAC

Siemens have selected Perceptive software as the final piece of their advanced offer in the pharmaceutical sector.  To meet the challenges of the FDA initiative "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the 21st Century", Siemens has launched a new PAT platform - SIPAT - to which Perceptive's PharmaMV adds real-time, predictive control capabilities.

PAT, QBD, quality by design, process analytical technology, Perceptive Engineering

AzeoTech a leading publisher of measurement and automation software since 2001.  They provide supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human machine interface (HMI) software to science and industry worldwide.  Their DaqFactory software is a recognised leader in HMI design.

measurement, automation, HMI, SCADA, DAQFactory

Kepware Technologies, established in 1995, develops a wide range of communication and interoperability software solutions for the Automation industry. Their flexible and scalable solutions are for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software applications. Kepware Technologies' mission is to be “Your Standard for Connectivity”.

connectivity, communications, interoperability, automation

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