Company Description

We are a premier provider of intelligent monitoring and control systems for process industries, designing, developing and commissioning real-time monitoring, advanced multi-variable control, fault detection and diagnostic systems to optimise process performance. We have been selected by an increasing number of blue-chip companies to help spearhead their optimisation programmes worldwide.

We deliver tangible, quantified benefits with real return on investment. We simplify the complex and solve the insolvable. Working with us will offer challenge, variety, flexibility and an opportunity to be part of a fast-growing sector.

Are you the one?

We're always on the lookout for talented people who can help us grow. Please take a look at the vacancies below and have a look around our website. If you like what we do and believe you could contribute, please tell us more. You can find our details here

Current Vacancies (scroll for details)

Software Developer

Engineering Consultant (Singapore)

Mission: Benefit Our Partners

To deliver high quality software, services and support to our clients with courtesy and enthusiasm. To be at the forefront of our field of expertise, delivering new and exciting technologies, products and solutions for the benefit of our clients.

Vision: World Class Engineering

To develop engineering solutions for the future, by continuously developing a software platform and extending our expertise to help our clients improve the efficiency of their complex processes. 

Values: Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion

To create a work environment that is interesting, challenging and rewarding. To operate with integrity, to nurture innovation, to recruit and reward on merit alone, and to ensure that the voices, opinions and ideas from all our partners and personnel are encouraged and heard. 

Software Developer

Position Description

This role is to join the Perceptive Engineering business Unit within the Applied Materials APG Pharma division. 

We are a premier provider of intelligent monitoring and control systems for process industries. We design, develop, and commission real-time monitoring, advanced multi-variable control, fault detection and diagnostic systems to optimize process performance, using our own software suite. We have been selected by an increasing number of blue-chip companies to help spearhead their optimization programs worldwide. We operate in consumer packaged goods, chemicals and food manufacturing and pharmaceutical production. This job opportunity is unique and exciting because our software products offer a complete white-space opportunity to bring unique and differential value to pharma industry. Our mission is to increase the productivity of the industry while dramatically reducing the cost of manufacturing. 

We are currently looking for a Software Developer with up to 3 years of experience. Our award-winning software suite, PerceptiveAPC, is used for the control, optimisation, and monitoring of production processes. The successful candidate will be involved in developing and supporting the underlying technology via both front-end and back-end functionality. Together with developing new functionality, they will support the existing code base and be involved in interpreting requirements from internal and external users.

Role Overview

The key responsibilities of the role include (but are not limited to):

  • Developing new functionality for our PerceptiveAPC software suite with associated unit tests

  • Supporting the existing code base

  • Writing clean, tested and secure code in line with quality requirements

  • Interpreting requirements from internal and external users for inclusion in the software suite

  • Working with a cross-functional team to ensure PerceptiveAPC meets the standards and requirements of our end users

Essential Skills

  • Java and Java Swing

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to work within a team


  • An undergraduate degree in an engineering or software discipline

  • Experience in C, JUnit, Spring Framework, Microservices, SQL, Python, Containerisation, IOT or Industry 4.0

  • Knowledge of OOP, BDD and Agile concepts


This is a permanent role based at the company's head office in Daresbury, Cheshire.

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Engineering Consultant

Position Description

We are looking for passionate engineers who can take our software product, and implement advanced control and monitoring solutions on customer sites in the Asia Pacific region. Our engineers need good problem-solving skills, creativity, the ability to communicate well, and the ability to work well either as part of a team or alone.

All of our engineers get to experience and understand a wide variety of processes and enjoy developing new and innovative ways of implementing advanced control, as well as contributing to the continuous development of our PerceptiveAPC suite of software.

The Role

The Engineering Consultant reports to the Asia-Pacific Regional Engineering Lead and will be involved in a variety of activities, including:

  • Design and commissioning of control, optimisation and monitoring solutions.

  • Provision of post-commissioning support for engineering projects.

  • Investigation of new technology for our software.

  • Use of the latest Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning techniques.

The Candidate

This role would suit a postgraduate from the engineering (chemical or environmental) or pharmaceutical sciences, with experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Process modelling and optimisation

  • Advanced process control and multi-variate data analysis

  • Chemometrics, Process Analytical Techniques (PAT)

  • Machine Learning and Statistics

Key skills and experience required

  • A relevant degree with experience in one or more of the areas above.

  • Experience with process modelling software/techniques.

  • Understanding of process control systems.

  • Fluency in the use of Windows and MSOffice.

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.


  • Strong in mathematics and programming.

  • Practical experience within the pharmaceutical, water, food and beverage sector.


This is a permanent role at our Singapore office.

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No agencies please, we are recruiting directly for these positions.

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