Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how Perceptive works with companies around the globe, to improve efficiency and quality.

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FAQ001 - Introduction to Perceptive

An introduction to what we do and how we can help you achieve your goals.
FAQ002 - Perceptive Software


Our suite of award-winning software tools , from off-line data analysis to predictive process optimisation.

FAQ003 - Interfacing with your systems


How we interface with your existing process, robustly and securely.

FAQ004 - Project Management


The care we take when managing each project, to deliver the results you need, safely and efficiently.

FAQ005 - Support and Maintenance


Once the project is complete, this is how we ensure you continue to enjoy the benefits.

FAQ006 - Secure Remote Access


Secure remote access is a key part of the support and troubleshooting service we can provide.

FAQ007 - Support Portal

Our secure Support Portal lets you track progress on your support requests, download free updates to your software, and more.

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