ADDoPT Project
ADDoPT - The Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics

This project aims to speed up the development, production and delivery of medicines to patients, using next-generation design, manufacture and control techniques.

Perceptive Engineering are leading an activity in conjunction with Process Systems Enterprise Ltd and Britest Ltd, to deliver the sophisticated tools required to monitor, control and optimise new manufacturing processes.

Perceptive's PharmaMV platform has been further enhanced, enabling hybrid modeling of process behaviour by combining data-driven techniques and PSE's mechanistic modelling tools.  This integrated approach will open new insights into process design and performance.

The outcome will be far shorter time to move from discovery to development to scale-up.

advanced digital design of pharmaceutical therapeutics
The ADDoPT initiative promises to redesign and redefine pharmaceutical manufacturing, from supply chain to patient.

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