Improved Control of Coating Pan for better yield and quality

Tablet coating processes frequently rely on infra-red sensors for measurement of temperatures in the coating bed.  Accurate temperature control is vital, to ensure uniformity of the coating material and to avoid quality rejection due to cracked tablets or uneven finish.

Perceptive Engineering developed a series of data-driven, software-based sensors, for four tablet coaters.  These were designed to supplement the plant's IR probes, providing critical process information when the hardware became unreliable.

The soft sensors were derived from other values being measured on the process, such as exhaust air temperature and humidity, inlet air temperature, coating solution flow, drum load and speed, and spray nozzle pressures.

An intuitive interface allowed operators to see the predicted temperatures in each tablet bed, then react to upsets as soon as they were detected. 

This robust approach to process measurement and monitoring ensured more consistent coating and higher yield.

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