Beyond Six Sigma – Accelerate Your PAT/QbD Programme

Perceptive Engineering’s pharmaMV is already in use by pharmaceutical leaders, delivering operational, commercial and competitive advantages to World Class companies.  Perceptive's Advanced Software Platform will help you develop and integrate Real-Time PAT/QbD applications into your existing operations by:

  • Providing a Real Time environment for integration of Spectral data, batch data and discrete lab measurements
  • Providing Real Time multivariate monitoring facilities
  • Providing facilities to develop and deploy in Real Time chemometric calibration models
  • Enabling comprehensive Advanced Process Control facilities, such as
    • Batch Endpoint Prediction
    • Batch Model Predictive Control
    • Latent Variable Control
    • Dynamic Multivariate Monitoring for Batch and Continuous processes

In addition, pharmaMV provides a robust platform for managing Real Time data, as well as a secure Operator Interface that satisfies 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

pharmaMV has been developed by Advanced Process Control (APC) specialists in close co-operation with the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. It provides a fully-featured engineering development environment that includes all the practical analytical techniques and tools that pharmaceutical PAT teams are demanding. To help harness its power, the software is designed to be intuitive, structured to help guide the user from preliminary data mining, through multivariate analysis, then on to predictive monitoring, control and process optimisation.

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers require additional support as they begin exploiting the benefits of PAT/QbD.  Perceptive Engineering provides an introductory course and consultancy package designed to help unlock this potential. 

If you are ready to accelerate your PAT programme, we are ready to help; click the image to learn more.

Alternatively, click the download button to read a journal paper from Perceptive's MD, David Lovett on the subject of advanced control of complex processes.

Journal or Process Control

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