Batch Crystallisation Control
Perceptive has developed the next generation of optimisation tools, which are transforming batch production.  

New techniques for 'golden batch' identification, trajectory control and end-point prediction deliver more consistent quality, faster turnaround and less waste.

Traditional control is based around fixed recipes and cool-down profiles.  This approach results in lower yield and a high variability in particle size.  In addition, it is often difficult to incorporate data from PAT instruments into the control philosophy.

Perceptive's PharmaMV platform addresses all these issues.

CrystalMV is a module within Perceptive's PharmaMV platform.  It provides a powerful mix of chemometrics, process monitoring and advanced control techniques.

- data validity and instrument integrity is determined and reported in real time
- calibration models for PAT devices can be developed directly within the platform
- tighter control achieved by using a digital model of process behaviour

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