PharmaMV Development Platform

From Data to Knowledge to Action

Perceptive's PharmaMV Development Platform provides all the tools needed to collect, analyse, understand and exploit your process data.  From data mining to testing multiple optimisation strategies, PharmaMV Development enables process engineers to improve the efficiency and quality of existing manufacturing assets.

Import, align, and clean multiple data sources, to develop a clear understanding of what your process is doing. Quickly identify outliers, correlations and statistical normality using industry standard uni- and multivariate methods. Identify and classify regions of abnormal behaviour. Develop the empirical models you need to better understand process and product development problem and how to solve them.

A comprehensive suite of tools to detect and identify faults and abnormal process behaviour.   Control engines ranging from PID to multivariate model-predictive control.  Configurable templates for model, constraint and cost function entry, to determine the optimal mode of operation for both batch and continuous processes.

Monitoring and Control can be taken from the desktop to the real world.  Any scenario or model from the Development environment can be transferred to Perceptive's real-time software.  Leading-edge academic research meets robust industrial application, in a fully integrated software suite.

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