Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring

Predict Out-Of-Specification issues before they occur.

Lower-cost sensors - combined with cloud-based and real-time acquisition systems - have made asset data readily available.  But what's the best way of making sense of that information and, more importantly, how can it be fully exploited?

One of the most powerful techniques used by leading manufacturers is Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring (MSPM), which provides a host of benefits beyond traditional SPC:

- Automatically determines the trustworthiness of any data that is critical-to-quality
- Reduces the volume of data required to predict and interpret faults
- Enables models of process behaviour to be built easily and quickly, for identifying 'good' and 'bad' operation
- Identifies the root cause of poor operation, for targeted maintenance and process improvement activities
- Simultaneously assesses multiple data sources and their interlinked relationships, rather than each signal in isolation
- Fully-configurable rule-based 'event' detection, to help maintain or improve OEE

Perceptive's technology is available on at-site or cloud-based platforms.  Contact us to find out more.

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