Water Quality

WaterMV: taking control of water

There are three main quality drivers for the water industry:

  • - quality of process and analytical information, for operational decision-making

  • - quality of treated drinking water prior to distribution

  • - quality of treated wastewater prior to discharge

  • Perceptive's WaterMV engineering and software solution addresses each of these issues, to ensure peak performance from your plant.

    Signal Validation and Reconstruction

    Effective management and operation of water and wastewater assets does not rely on the amount of data generated, but rather on the quality, reliability and interpretation of that data.  Operators and managers need tools to turn process metrics into process knowledge, to help guide the decisions that are critical to the operation.

    Perceptive Engineering has pioneered software to test and validate the integrity of process data.  This software has long been utilised in food processing, steel making and the pharmaceutical sector.  It has now been developed to form part of a decision support system for the water industry.

    WaterMV provides plant-wide asset management in real-time, by validating all critical data reaching the control room and highlighting signal abnormalities or process faults.  Plant operation becomes more reliable and robust; assets can be run closer to their design constraints; capacity can be increased without capital expansion.

    After identifying which signals are most critical to operational integrity, WaterMV is configured to determine the quality and worthiness of these signals in real time.  Slow drift in sensor measurement is captured at an early stage.  Data errors are identified and highlighted.  A quality value is appended to the signals in both SCADA and historian, giving the operator additional confidence and ensuring that the dashboard is more reliable.  Faulty signals can also be reconstructed to maintain control and tolerate loss of critical sensors.  Where installed sensors are deemed too unreliable, inferential or 'soft' sensors are developed, to provide real-time data to the control system and the operators.

    Quality Control

    The quality of treated drinking water and the security of its supply into the distribution network both rely on the safe, effective operation of the water treatment plant.  WaterMV's Data Quality Monitor provides real-time assurance of critical signals.  Data-driven predictive control improves process capacity and capabiility, providing a greater insight into how each process unit can be operated more efficiently.  Operation of multiple units can be automated with full predictive scheduling, freeing up operator time and reducing water wasted during cleaning cycles.  Disinfection control moves beyond treating water to a residual setpoint, and captures the complexities of contact time, to make treatment both more robust and less wasteful.


    Risk Management

    Predictive control of wastewater treatment significantly reduces the variability of treated water quality; this can be exploited to reduce operating costs by saving energy and chemicals. 
    Alternatively, the process can be operated to manage or reduce the risk of non-compliance.  Real-time calculation of risk ratio - the statistical probability of non-conformance - lets the oprator run the plant according to the two Key Performance Indicators of Quality and Cost.
    A failing plant can be brought back within consent, extending its useful operating life.  A normal plant can be operated with closely-controlled discharge, taking full advantage of varying river levels or energy tariffs.

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