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Water Industry Achievement Awards 2015

Finalists Again!

For the second year running, Perceptive Engineering has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious Water Industry Achievement Awards.

Under the category "Most Innovative Use of Existing Technology", a project delivered by Perceptive to United Utilities is providing a leading-edge insight into the value of critical sensors.

When a sensor fails or becomes suspect, Perceptive's WaterMV is able to continue controlling the process using soft sensors.  In certain cases, WaterMV has to adjust control to maintain the same compliance safety level, even though data from that sensor can no longer be trusted.

The cost impact of that change in operation can now be calculated and displayed in real time.  Operators are shown the 'lost opportunity' on their SCADA screens, enabling them to make informed decisions about maintenance, calibration and repair.  In the meantime, WaterMV ensures that the process continues to meet its environmental targets.

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