The Next Generation of Advanced Software:  Industry 4.0 from Perceptive

Using expertise built up across many industrial sectors, Perceptive Engineering is developing the next generation of applications for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Data from multiple sources and in multiple formats is combined, analysed and turned into actionable knowledge, in real time, using sophisticated and powerful machine learning techniques.

Harnessing the power of edge computing and cloud-based automation, data analytics gives operators and supervisors a clear and detailed insight into their processes.  

Results are easy to access and easy to understand, helping operators and supervisors understand what their plants are doing and, more importantly, highlighting issues before they become problems, so they can be corrected before they become costly.

Transforming process data into process intelligence requires two critical stages: 

Ensure the data can be trusted.  Perceptive's software performs rigorous statistical tests on all critical signals, to ensure that the data is reliable enough to drive confident decision-making.

Data is meaningless without context.  Perceptive's Neuron platforms come with process knowledge built in, providing real-time guidance on the best course of corrective action needed.

Our first application - WaterNEURON - moves the technology to the background, while bringing the information you need right to the front.  See more clearly what's happening in the plant, understand the operational and commercial risks, respond to maintain safe, efficient operation.

As the industry focuses on asset efficiency and reliability, there is a even greater need to when a plant is working well, and when something needs to be corrected.  WaterNEURON continuously monitors the health of critical assets, determining the root causes of sub-optimal performance and increased risk of failure.

To learn more, please download the attached datasheet, or contact with any questions.

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