Paper and paperboard manufacturing relies on process uptime, control of chemical and energy costs, and consistent product quality.  PaperMV has been designed to meet these challenges.  Using the same core engine used in other manufacturing sectors, PaperMV has been further enhanced to provide tools and capabilities that manufacturers need:

Wet-end Stability Control and Grade Change
Reduced variability in the forming sections of the machine, provides lower break frequency and better control of chemical costs, as well as a more uniform sheet.  Fewer breaks and a better sheet enable higher production rates to be sustained. Tight control of wet-end chemistry permits more agile grade changes, with faster time to on-spec product and less broke.

Sheet Ash and Broke Optimisation
Intelligent process management during a break minimises the impact at the wet end and ensures greater uniformity at the reel.  Broke feed is automated alongside retention and thickstock ratio, to maintain a stable forming section while carefully reducing broke storage levels.

Steam Optimisation
Combining better control at the wet end with advanced control of the steam system and dryer temperatures, PaperMV can deliver significant energy savings per tonne of paper.


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