Release Notes

Perceptive Engineering follows a rigorous methodology for software development, testing and release.  As new features are added, or as existing functionality is improved, new updates are released.

A summary of additions and improvements will be presented in the table below.  Registered users of Perceptive's support portal will be able to access more detailed release notes as they become available.




6.01278All new look and feel, with template-driven workflow, improved MPC workflow, additional functionality for spectral data pre-processing.
Improved functionality to ensure compliance with latest requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.
Improved message logging, KPI generation.
64-bit Real Time version for larger and more complex projects.
Siemens SIPAT functionality and full compatibility.
Improved data handling, with sub-second data import, ability to bring in WinCC and Unicode data.
Upgraded Python scripting engine and additional scripting functions.
Improved Batch functionality, including ability to generate batch CPV reports.
Improved dashboard and visualisation tools.


1112Functionality Updates: Regulatory Compliance
Improved management of derby database in Real Time manager and Real Time system;
Improved management of Log Files.

Performance Updates
Improved Python scripting and database functionality; improved historian synchronisation; updated and improved product documentation.


1092Functionality Updates
Improved visualisation tools. More features added to Perceptive Dashboard.

Performance Improvements
Data handling and Trends improved; fixes and updates to in-built programming languages, remote display capability and dashboards.


1062Functionality Updates
Improved data visualisation within the new Dashboard module.

Performance Updates
Improvements to SPC Monitor, data management, visualisation tools and real-time manager.


1049Performance Updates
Real Time Manager, signal and data handling, workspace improvements.


Performance Updates
memory handling, threads, secure remote displays.



Functionality and Performance Updates 
dashboards, event viewer, Real-Time Manager, import and export of spectral device information and configuration, remote access via Webswing technology, Statistical Process Control and Continuous Process Verification modules, updated trends and improved workflow.

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