Engineering Services

We understand our clients' processes and can relate to their real, day-to-day problems.
Our objective is to turn this understanding into improvement of your existing assets, by innovative application of our products and our depth of industrial experience in process control.

Our Engineering Services are there to:

  • Help you identify your highest value opportunities in intelligent monitoring and control.
  • Assist through each stage of a project at a level appropriate to your in-house expertise.
  • Support you in the ongoing development or upgrade of your process monitoring and control system, via a variety of remote access and consultancy services.

Our turn-key solutions are designed to cover all aspects of Advanced Process Control, including system design, integration, commissioning and performance assessment.
To provide you with the answers you need, our engineers are able to:

  • Develop a comprehensive User Requirement Specifications and agree goals for implementation, delivery and performance.
  • Define the interface and system integration plan.
  • Develop Functional Design Specifications for the complete APC solution.
  • Deliver an installed system following Good Automated Manufacturing Practice guidelines.
  • Performance test the Control, Monitoring and Optimisation systems.
  • Commission comprehensive Operational Dashboards, with built-in data validation.
  • Provide comprehensive training in all aspects of APC techniques and our industrial solutions..

Once an application is commissioned, we continue to provide you with assistance through our  comprehensive support offering.  As part of a maintenance programme, this includes:

Software Support:

  • Password access to our Technical Resources area via our website.
  • Upgrades to your licensed product, as part of programme of continuous improvement and as customer requested features are included.
  • Telephone, email and remote dial-in support covering software-related issues.

Application Support:

  • Pro-active remote consultancy via our remote support centre
  • Site visits by our engineering staff, to monitor the health of the installation, train site personnel, or address any required changes to the application based on user requirements. 
  • Measurement and reporting of the performance of the programme against the agreed targets.
  • Reporting of emerging trends in either the programme’s performance or the customer’s process.
  • Proactive recommendations to improve operability or functionality of the programme.
  • Documented reporting of support outcomes and future recommendations.
  • Telephone, email and remote dial-in support covering application related issues.
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