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Operator Training Platform

Offline training of new personnel, refresher courses for existing staff, or introducing new ways of thinking and working, 
PerceptiveOTP has been designed by industry experts to offer a comprehensive and relevant training environment for everyone using evaporators or spray dryers

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  Comprehensive control and configuration of evaporator, spray dryer, internal and external fluidised beds.

The faceplate can be configured to look and feel the same as your existing plant, to quickly get new operators up to speed.

Fully configurable PID loop tuning is offered, along with detailed trends of key process parameters.  

Changes made to this virtual plant will be displayed 30 times faster than real time, to rapidly test new settings.

The Optimisation Scenario player introduces advanced ways of thinking and working to new and experienced operators.

Your production personnel will quickly gain valuable insight into how to get the most from your process.

The fully-featured Training Panel lets you re-play historic events or introduce new challenges.

Certificates are awarded as part of a programme of continuous personal development.

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