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We run a comprehensive range of training courses.  These are designed for process engineering professionals who want to use the PerceptiveAPC software suite tools, to enhance process performance or develop applications for online deployment.

The aim of each course is to provide an introduction to the techniques available within the PerceptiveAPC development environment that are of interest to the customer. During the course, PerceptiveAPC’s features are demonstrated using a series of case studies taken from relevant industrial processes. Throughout the course mathematical technicalities are kept to a minimum with greater emphasis being placed on the practical issues of the statistical technology within PerceptiveAPC.


Each workshop introduces topics relevant to the design, operation and optimisation of complex industrial processes, using leading-edge technology such as the 'digital twin' concept.

At the end of the course, attendees will be capable of using PerceptiveAPC to import process data, use visualisation techniques to gain process insights, and apply pre-processing and statistical analysis techniques to extract and quantify process relationships. The attendee will also be familiar with the tools available to structure, identify and evaluate various types of process model for control, condition monitoring and soft sensing applications depending upon intended use.

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements and how we can ensure you get the best from your plant.

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