PerceptiveAPC Version 6

Faster.  Smarter.  More Powerful.

Experience a whole new way to understand, improve and optimise your process.

Perceptive's award-winning software just got even better, with more ways to learn what your process is capable of, and more tools to make your plant perform at its best.

Ease of Use                                                                                                                                                                    We put a lot of new features and functions into version 6, but a key goal in its development was making it easier than ever to use.  With a re-designed user interface, logical menu system and template-driven workspace, even the most complex tasks can be completed in minutes.  We moved the software out of the way, to let you find the solution faster

Batch, Continuous
Spectral, Aperiodic

It's all just data, the lifeblood of your process, and it should be easy understand.
With new tools to import, align and clean data from a wide range of sources and formats, Version 6 helps uncover what your systems are trying to tell you.

See it, Know it, Fix it

Powerful data analytics are combined with new dashboard and alerting functions, allowing you to see into your process like never before.  Version 6 helps you identify issues before they become problems, to keep your plant operating at its best.

Lab to Factory 

Develop and test new ideas and new strategies for monitoring, controlling and optimising your process, in a safe, offline environment.
Then, in the same V6 software suite, bring those models and techniques into the real-world, on an industrially robust software platform that meets the highest possible standards and requirements of manufacturing industries.

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Version 6 Development and Real Time.

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