Who We Are

Perceptive Engineering was formed in 2003 with a clear mission: improve the efficiency of complex manufacturing and treatment processes, using robust and powerful statistical tools, combined with leading-edge academic thinking.

We are a team of experienced control engineers, entrusted by companies around the world to meet the manufacturing challenges of the future. We do this using the problem-solving skills we've honed over the years, and our award-winning Advanced Process Control software platform.

Our strong links with academia and close collaboration in many industry-changing research projects puts us in an ideal position to help solve whatever problem you may have.


Investigate and test new ways to improve your process, in a safe off-line environment.
Then seamlessly deploy your solutions within a robust and trusted real-world system.
All this from the same suite of software that combines powerful data tools and modelling with intuitive ease-of-use.

World-class operation needs world-class analytics and control

Higher operating costs, increasing competitive pressures, greater emphasis on end-user quality.... these are some of the reasons why manufacturers are looking for reliable and robust ways to increase effectiveness of their product development and manufacturing, without the disruption and cost of capital expansion. Shorter time to market and higher throughput from their existing assets - this is where we come in.

Predictive Control

A digital model of your process - derived from your data and combined with your knowledge - lets us explore new possibilities : how much more can you get from your plant, without compromising safety, reliability or quality?

The assessment is done off-line, away from the process, which lets us think bigger and ask the questions we can't ask on a live plant: What if we operated it this way? What if we tried a new approach? How far can we push?

Once we know the answers and understand the limits, we can implement a new way of controlling your process that opens up fresh opportunities. Faster, more agile production. Right-first-time manufacture and real-time release. Golden batches with every batch.
The result is a process optimised to meet the targets you set, where the capability of your assets is the only limit.


Model predictive control from Perceptive Engineering builds an understanding of the relationships between all the key variables in your manufacturing process, while determining the optimum operating conditions for your plant under any set of circumstances.

Our Process Control, Process Monitoring and Process Optimisation engines will uncover and exploit every opportunity to move the operation closer to its ideal. These are driven by your Key Performance Indicators, such as energy (reducing your carbon footprint through lower specific energy use), yield (making more product closer to specification), or efficiency (higher throughput via process optimisation).

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