Your plant, your entitlement

Many factors must align to deliver process excellence and process repeatability. But multiple factors often conspire to lower your OEE, upset your yield, increase your energy costs and push you off course.

The gap between process capability and process performance is a constant drain on resources – re-work costs, maintenance overheads, compromised efficiency, increased cost of goods sold and higher energy bills.

World Class manufacturers and processors have learned how to exploit the value hidden in their plants and how to close that gap. Robust classification of their processes enables optimal operation to be recreated - every time.


New tools, new techniques, guaranteed results – go Beyond Six Sigma

If you’re already engaged in continuous improvement programmes, you probably know the limits of current methodology. Your plant might have multiple ‘sweet spots’ for different configurations, products or recipes. Variability in raw materials, plant configuration and even operator response make it difficult to benchmark, define and fully understand what your plant is doing.

World Class manufacturers understand that the answers lie within the mass of process information, quality results and operator logs already being collected.

The Perceptive AuditTM helps you find what you’re really looking for. Using powerful new tools and industry-proven techniques, your data can be quickly transformed into valuable knowledge.

Rapid, seamless data fusion from multiple sources; captured, cleaned, analysed and understood, to help develop actions that focus on your bottom line.

True Process Optimisation Starts Here

  • Gain a thorough understanding of key process unit operation

  • Identify relationships between Economics and Quality

  • Throughput, Yield, Environmental Impact, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, process capability, etc

  • Identify all available measurements, statistical analysis of current performance against benchmarks

  • Quantify errors associated with instrumentation, procedures, practices and processes

  • Calculate the potential headroom for improvement, or the cost of energy losses and re-work

  • Define how to add value to the process

  • Define mechanisms for early fault detection

  • Define improvements possible through advanced control

  • Define a timetable for improvement

Measurable Outcomes

The Perceptive Audit TM provides a detailed insight into critical areas of your process – from the capability of individual control loops, to the complex interactions of multiple variables – that are often the hidden source of process upset. Typical recommendations might include:

  • Additional instrumentation that would open a window into the process and enable improved control

  • A summary of control loops that require tuning for immediate impact

  • A complete Process Performance and Process Capability report

  • A quantified assessment of "Lost Opportunity", with accompanying business case

  • Suggested design of real-time Process KPI Dashboards

If you're ready to start improving your operation, we're ready to help.


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