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Unlock the knowledge hidden in your process, empowering R&D scientists, development engineers and operators alike. 

Perceptive Engineering’s latest multivariate Analysis tools and rich visualisations deliver targeted translation of data into knowledge, leading to early fault detection and faster decision-making.

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Helping data scientists and process engineers to focus on delivering robust models to support process monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance.

What's new?

Rapid design and deployment of process monitoring tools

  • New Multivariate and Univariate visualisation charts and objects. Improved charts include new 2D score plots; predictions; contribution charts; T2/SPE; residuals and latent variable charts for both batch and continuous models.

  • Deploy any chart in a dashboard through the use of drag and drop.

  • Improved Event Identification with guided visualisation and Pareto charts.

  • Highlight warning and alarm limits, classify each point based on their position within those limits.

  • Code-free interactivity and drill down allows rapid deployment of intuitive dashboards, tailored to the end-user requirements.

Enhanced Batch functionality

  • Improved batch data processing workflows guide the user through data fusion, pre-processing and modelling activities.

  • Dedicated Batch Key Performance Indicator tool allows calculation of metrics and statistics across a batch or a defined batch phase. Highly configurable options to select subsets of samples for calculations.

  • Improved tools to manage and extract quality attributes from batch process data and static information such as raw-material properties, at line and offline samples.

  • Easy configuration of Golden Batch profiles displayed on trends and charts with secure storage within the modelset record.

With version 8.1 comes:

  • Optimised visualisations for an extended range of display formats.

  • Improved tooltips functionality to add easy-to-read signal descriptions making interpreting results across teams more intuitive.

  • Clear workflow templates to help you streamline app development.

  • Enhanced performance for larger projects through increased OPC UA interface speed.

Visit our YouTube channel to see aspects of the software in action:
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