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We seek to understand our client’s processes and the real problems they're experiencing with their actual plant. Our aim is to improve performance, by using innovative tools and techniques coupled with our practical experience in industrial process optimisation.

We'll help you:

  • Identify the highest value opportunities you can exploit.
  • Design and deliver a made-to-measure application, in collaboration with your in-house teams.
  • Develop or upgrade existing monitoring and control systems, with state-of-the-art technologies.

Our solutions cover all aspects of automation project development, including on-line Model Predictive Controllers and Multivariate Monitors, from lab scale to pilot plant to full production.

And we manage and deploy our projects according to the GAMP standard that assures on-time, right-first time delivery:

  • Develop a comprehensive User Requirement Specifications and agree goals for implementation, delivery and performance.
  • Define the Interface requirements, including OPC connectivity.
  • Develop Functional Design Specifications for the interface, communication handshaking logic, fail-over mechanism
  • Develop and implement a plant test plan to obtain dynamic response data during different operational phases.
  • Install the application computer and IO interface, validate the Data I/O and commission the communication handshaking.
  • Trial the control system and review performance.
  • Train personnel and provide project documentation.

Once an application is commissioned we continue to provide you with assistance through our comprehensive support programmes. These maintain the benefits of your investment for the life of the application. They also allow the tailor-made solution to be adapted as new equipment, assets or products are brought online.

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Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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