Nutritionals and Ingredients

We help blue-chip companies increase the capacity of their existing assets, by operating their plants closer to constraints, improving yield and increasing throughput.

Rising energy costs, higher prices for raw materials, and more demanding end users have pushed efficiency and quality to the top of the agenda. Capital expansion can be a costly and disruptive route to increasing production capacity, which is why world-class manufacturers are finding answers elsewhere.

Our Advanced Process Control solutions have been chosen by some of the world's biggest dairy producers, because it delivers rapid payback with minimum disruption or cost. Typical return on investment is 3-6 months on yield and throughput alone, but APC offers a host of other process performance benefits.

  • Faster start-up of critical process units for more agile manufacturing

  • Longer run times due to more consistent operation

  • Increased yield and lower specific energy

  • Higher throughput with less risk of fouling or blockage

  • Higher, more consistent product quality, to help build brand loyalty

  • Improved management of process disturbances such as tank changes

  • Reduced waste, reduced re-work, improved profitability

Case Study - Spray Dryer Optimisation

Click on the image to download the case study on increasing yields of dairy powders through spray dryer optimisation

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Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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