From lab scale to pilot plant to full-scale production - batch or continuous...
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Nutritionals and Ingredients

With rising costs and demands for higher quality, APC gives a competitive edge...
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Formulated Products

Real-time release, achieved by predicting end-product quality...
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Water & Wastewater

How to balance energy-intensive treatment against tough environmental targets...
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Pulp and Paper

Commercial pressures require the highest quality but lowest costs...
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Other Sectors

Our approach to solving a problem is the same, no matter the industry...
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No matter the industry, our systems deliver the same benefits:

- lower process variability, for consistent quality and higher efficiency

- less rejected or re-worked product for increased capacity with APC

- greater process stability for longer production runs and better OEE

- operator intervention minimised, freeing up control room personnel

- improved data trustworthiness, for better decisions and planning

- multivariate monitoring provides early detection of process fault or drift

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency