Interpret or Improve? Develop or Deploy? Model it, Monitor it, or Make it better?

Now you can select one software suite that will do it all.

Running in a Windows® environment or available as a cloud-based service,
PerceptiveAPC provides a wealth of analytical and optimisation tools, all within one suite.

data import, continuous, batch, aperiodic

Data Import

Combine historical process data from multiple sources, to build the most complete picture possible of plant operation and behaviour. Wizards and Templates guide the user to import and align data from batch and continuous processes, as well as aperiodic data and operator comments.

Intuitive tools then help you to clean and prepare the data, ready for it to be fully exploited.

data visualisation, data analysis, data interpretation

  Data Visualisation

Comprehensive visualisation tools, from simple time plots to 3D scatter plots and spark lines, let you see what's happening and easily share that insight with others.

Multiple batches or datasets can be viewed simultaneously.

User-friendly navigation allows the user to highlight key areas of interest in the data, mask areas of low relevance, and produce statistical analysis of data ranges instantly.

process modelling, monitoring, control


A streamlined workflow allied to some of the most comprehensive tools in the industry quickly lets users build a robust model of their process.

Whether for monitoring, analysis or predictive control, all the tools you need are available in a logical, intuitive interface, for both batch and continuous processes.

statistical process monitoring control

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Monitor

Quickly determine if your process is being controlled as well as it could - or should - be.

Using industry-standard charts alongside advanced visualisation tools, the SPC monitor gives you an early indication of abnormal operation, or any drift away from optimal process performance.

Model Predictive Control

Model Predictive Control

Your data is ready, you've gained new knowledge about your process... now it's time to explore its full potential. Test and discover what works best in any scenario, at any time, for any product you make.

A full training module and easy-to-use templates are included, helping you to build, tune and validate the right controller for your process. Simulation mode illustrates the benefits that MPC will deliver when deployed, all from the safety of your desktop. Then the solution can be seamlessly deployed, using the same robust software suite.

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