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PerceptiveAPC:  Your Process, Improved

The award-winning PerceptiveAPC software suite provides the tools you need to make sense of your data, uncover opportunities for improvement, train your operators and get the maximum from your plant.

PerceptiveAPC is built on a powerful and feature-rich common core.  This provides an integrated environment to design, test and deploy the strategies that will help you achieve or exceed your operational goals.

And continuous software development brings the latest academic research into a proven, reliable and industry-ready platform that has already been adopted by global blue-chip companies like Pfizer, Abbott Nutrition, Arla and Danone.




Develop new monitoring and control strategies in a safe
offline environment.

Analyse, visualise and extract knowledge from your process and quality data.

Discover your plant's true potential.

Integrated modules let you monitor, control and optimise both batch and continuous processes.

Combines ease of use with some of the industry's most powerful and feature-rich tools. 

PerceptiveAPC:  unlock your process.

Our family of Develpment and Real-Time software is enhanced by tool-sets designed to meet the specific needs of key industries:  pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, water and used water, pulp and paper.  
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Perceptive Dashboard

Our real-time PerceptiveAPC suite has been further enhanced with the addition of dedicated dashboard tools.  

Users can identify key events, interrogate pertinent data, visualise information for real-time assessment of process performance, and produce customisable management reports.

Because the Dashboard is built on PerceptiveAPC foundations, it provides valuable functionality not found elsewhere:
- real-time assessment of data validity;
  if the the data going in can be trusted, decision support is more robust
- comprehensive SPC tools
  to extract more value from your data and provide a deeper insight into process behaviour

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