Your Process, Improved

The Audit provides your road map for process improvement, a clear and concise guide to enhancing performance and increasing efficiency, for minimal cost.

Next, NutriMV provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enable your plant's true potential to be realised.

Finally, our experienced engineering team designs and commissions a solution tailor-made to your process. Advanced Monitoring, Control and Optimisation systems are designed and built using some of the most powerful software in the industry, by some of the most experienced engineers in the sector.

Whey, lactose, cheese, milk, nutritionals, infant formula, coffee, starch, functional ingredients...each requires a unique approach to increasing yield, increasing throughput, minimising waste and minimising cost of production.

Contact Perceptive to find out how to transform your manufacturing process into a world-class operation.

A Full Spectrum of Process Optimisation Tools

Case Studies and More Information

casein dryer efficiency


Maintaining moisture closer to target, for improved yield and lower cost

infant formula spray dryer optimisation


Infant Formula Spray Dryer

Advanced Process Control improves yield, quality and efficiency

Evaporator efficiency

Evaporator Efficiency

Optimised, repeatable start-up reduces waste, lowers energy costs, increases OEE

operator training platform


Operator Training Platform

Operator Training gets new recruits up to speed quickly, and helps existing operators to stay sharp

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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