Case Studies - Water / Wastewater

WaterMV is designed to tackle the real-world challenges of the water sector:
maximise asset efficiency, maintain quality and security of delivery, minimise cost of operation.

WaterMV is helping to meet the TOTEX challenge with proven, innovative and award-winning technology.

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ASP energy saving


Surface Aeration ASP

Energy reduction of 25% on a 100,000 PE surface aeration ASP, without compromising quality.

FBDA energy reduction

Fine Bubble Diffuser ASP

Maintaining ammonia quality while reducing energy by 30%, for a 250,000 PE wastewater plant.

lost opportunity, unreliable data

Cost of Unreliable Data

APC maintains process efficiency when data is lost and calculates the financial impact on the process.

energy reduction on ASP


Brush Aeration ASP

Energy reduction of 30% on 300,000 PE plant using brush aeration, maintaining consent.

control of multiple assets


Integrated Control

Predictive control of both ASP and FSTs to improve compliance, even during storm events.

benefit assessment and benchmarking clean water

Perceptive Audit

Benchmarking quality, efficiency and reliability on clean water process.

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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