Biopharmaceutical Optimisation

Enhancing process knowledge
using Advanced Process Control

Biopharma Asia Webinar

15 November

David Lovett, John Mack Perceptive Engineering

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Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are beginning to adopt the tools and techniques already used in other high-value sectors, such as semiconductors and electronics, to increase process capability and reliability.  Increasingly, digital models are employed to predict quality, identify abnormalities and control the process more effectively.  

Model development is constantly evolving, as new data becomes available.  It is vital to exploit these models for more than just real time release.  Their management - as well as their development - should focus on deriving maximum process knowledge, to help drive process improvement.

To support this next phase of manufacturing intelligence, Perceptive Engineering has released BioAPC®, a purpose-built platform for biopharma.

BioAPC from Perceptive Engineering

  • Supports batch and continuous processes
  • Flexible design and real-time execution of Design of Experiments studies with integrated sample management.
  • Offline data analysis, pre-treatment and visualisation using BioAPC® Development
  • Model Development and Maintenance facilities in-built
  • Real Time MVA Quality monitoring, Control and Predictive Maintenance
  • Comprehensive User-Configurable Dashboards

To learn more, please download the BioAPC datasheet or contact us 

PharmaMV is our software platform that underpins BioAPC®  read more 

We offer comprehensive training in the latest techniques, via  workshops

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