Going Conti: Taking the Next Steps

An expert-led guide to adoption and implementation of continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.

4 November, Wommelgem, Belgium

David Lovett - Perceptive Engineering


Following the success of the inaugural Reality of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing event, jointly hosted by GEA, Siemens and Perceptive Engineering, we are pleased to invite you to learn more about the #TheContiTruth at our upcoming experience-led continuous processing day. 

During the “Going Conti: Taking the Next Steps” day, visitors will take part in demonstrations and presentations, get to see the ConsiGma® platform in action and gain a thorough understanding of the available technologies.  Our experts will be available to explain how we can assist your conti journey and discuss any initial trials or tests that you need to run with your product. 

The event will take place at the GEA Pharma Solids Center (GPSC) in Wommelgem, Belgium, on 4 November 2019.

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