Perceiving the Potential of
Pharma 4.0 at IFPAC

With a drive to deliver ever more personalised medicines to a growing population of better‑informed patients and clinicians alike, the need for manufacturing agility and flexibility within Pharma is evident.

Perceptive will discuss the application of Industry 4.0 techniques such as Machine Learning, allowing the generation of “smart data” for rapid process optimisation with minimal consumption of raw materials. 

These techniques can be combined with industry-proven technologies such as Advanced Process Control (APC) to maximise product quality, delivering critical productivity improvements.

Join John Mack, Engineering Director, Perceptive Engineering on Wednesday Feb 26, AM-VI: Industry 4.0: Data Infrastructure and Knowledge.

Learn more about how Perceptive is helping manufacturers improve quality, efficiency and profitability:

Formulated Products

Smart PAT for Development and Manufacturing: 
Inform, Understand, Monitor and Optimise

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) information brings insight into processes and products in both pharma development and routine continuous manufacturing environments. Harnessing the data from these established technologies provides vital critical quality attributes (CQA) for advisory “open loop” functions. The ability to provide rapid, accurate CQA predictions offers the opportunity to implement real time product release.

Through a series of drug product and drug substance case studies, we will demonstrate the benefits that “smart data” generation, machine learning and the implementation of Advanced Process Control (APC) can now deliver.

Join Aparajith Bhaskar, Engineering Consultant, Perceptive Engineering, on Wednesday Feb 26 AM - II Agile PAT Development for Continuous Manufacturing– from Drug Product to Drug Substance and Biologics.

Pre-conference Regulatory Workshop

Regulatory Approaches to Advanced Process Control
Sunday Feb 23 2020 – Half day regulatory workshop: PM

Perceptive will be delivering one of the sessions in this half day workshop, covering the subject of “Considerations for model maintenance and performance assessment of Advanced Process Control technology”. Authors: John Mack, David Lovett, Qiaolin Yuan, Furqan Tahir.

Join John Mack, Engineering Director, Perceptive Engineering, alongside fellow contributors from the FDA, EMA, Merck and Amgen for an engaging and thought-provoking workshop.

To arrange to speak with the Perceptive team contact us here

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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