Integrated Control in Powder Formulations:

Improving Pharmaceutical Drug Processing with APC and MVSM

17 January 2019, CPI National Formulation Centre, UK

John Mack - Perceptive Engineering

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The Centre for Process Innovation is hosting a one day meeting on Integrated Control in Powder Formulation in collaboration with the Formulation Science and Technology Group.  The event will be held at the National Formulation Centre in Sedgfield.

The themes this meeting will cover are multi-scale modelling, the application of PAT control to powder processing, Model-Based Control and the industrial applications of these combined formulation technologies; highlighting how they can be used to deliver high quality powder products in an efficient and agile way.

The day will be of interest to academics working within the above areas, and industrialists from all market sectors in powder formulation.

Specifically, the meeting will address the needs of those interested in understanding more about the value and implementation of models based control and how to use Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) to enhance and optimise powder formulation.

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