Model Predictive Control for a Batch Crystallisation Process:

A Digital Design Approach

7 March 2019, dial-in webinar, 0900-1000 GMT

Matthew McEwan, Furqan Tahir - Perceptive Engineering

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This webinar will cover a digital design approach to the development and testing of model-based predictive control (MPC). 

In particular, a live case study demonstration will be given on a batch crystallisation process flowsheet which acts as a virtual plant. 

A data-driven MPC scheme is developed by performing step tests on the virtual plant. The designed MPC scheme manipulates the MSMPR cooling rate to control the supersaturation of the crystallisation process. This digital design approach to controller development and testing is shown to reduce the real-life experimental effort as well as material consumption for process development.

The webinar is intended for those who wish to learn more about Model Predictive Control of Pharmaceutical processes, by exploring a simulation case study in real time. The focus is on the use of digital design techniques for the development and testing of MPC schemes. 

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