On the 27 and 28 March, Birmingham University will be hosting ChemEngDayUK2017.  
Leading UK Chemical Engineering academics, industry partners and international guests will discuss developments and innovations that are driving towards a more sustainable future.

From the organisers:
The conference will bring together researchers, engineers and scientists from around the UK to explore the latest technological advances and research results in core areas of chemical engineering. Through a combination of a distinguished plenary speakers, parallel technical sessions with invited talks by leading experts from academia and industry, and interactive poster sessions, participants will showcase their research efforts and technologies, and share visions with researchers in the UK.  For more information, please visit the ChemEngDay website.

Anthony Wu is completing his Eng D in Sustainability at the University of Surrey.  

For his industry placement, Anthony is working with Perceptive Engineering on the use of Model Predictive Control in wastewater applications, to minimise risk of environmental damage and reduce energy consumption in wastewater treatment.

Anthony is making a poster presentation on the subject of "The Application of Robust Model Identification Techniques in the Activated Sludge Process".  If you can't make the trip, or you just want a sneak preview, here is a copy:


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