Bio Digital Integrated and Intelligent Continuous (bio)Manufacturing (DIICbM): An Explosion of Innovation

Perceptive Engineering Ltd, UK, 15 September 2020: We are delighted to share that UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has announced support for the Digital Integrated and Intelligent Continuous (bio)Manufacturing (DIICbM) project, which aims to deliver game-changing, intelligent manufacturing for the biopharma sector.

Integrated and continuous biomanufacturing is being implemented across the biopharmaceutical industry. It is a powerful process intensification methodology, enabling cost-effective, lean, and agile manufacturing facilities.

As a result of the award made by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Manufacturing Made Smarter programme, Perceptive Engineering will lead this exciting industrial digital technologies (IDTs) project to boost the productivity and agility of UK excellence in the biopharma sector.

David Lovett, MD Perceptive Engineering commented: “Through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, we have a fantastic opportunity to extend our digitalized solution for our BioAPC platform. We are developing new tools for accelerating workflows and integrating predictive monitoring into the process control layer, with a particular focus on achieving prescriptive maintenance capability. By using advances in at-line PAT - such as detection and quantification in near real time of all metabolites and critical quality attributes such as glycosylation profiles in bioreactor, or aggregates, host cell proteins, and nucleic acids in downstream processing - the system will demonstrate the advances in data integration, visualization, and consumption for process development and end-to-end manufacturing processes.”

An overview of the investments in Manufacturing Made Smarter can be seen here

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