Perceptive Engineering : our commitment to quality

We are very pleased to announce that, as of December 7 2017, Perceptive Engineering has been certified under ISO 9001:2015.  

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 is the most updated standard of its kind, with a focus on seven key aspects of the organization:

Customer Focus:  to meet customer needs and strive to exceed customer expectations.
Leadership: a unity of purpose and clear alignment of strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve our goals.
Engagement: recognition, empowerment and enhancement of competence, at all levels, with better communication.
Process: consistent and predictable results from risk-based and opportunity-based thinking.
Continuous Improvement: to maintain performance, react to changes and create new opportunities.
Evidence-based: decisions based on analysis and evaluation of data are more likely to produce the desired results.
Relationship Management: sustained success is more likely when relationships are nurtured and managed.

Our original Quality Management System was designed for engagement with that most demanding of sectors, the pharmaceutical industry, then audited and approved by Pfizer Inc.  This gave us a strong base to look at how we could further refine all aspects of our business, from customer engagement and satisfaction, to development and testing of new software features and functionality, to the way we manage and deliver our projects for monitoring, control and optimisation of customer processes.

Perceptive's Managing Director, David Lovett, said: "This award is further recognition of the high standards of customer care, software development and engineering excellence that we have always provided.  It demonstrates our commitment to quality and to continually improving how we work and what we offer."

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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