STOP PRESS: Technology Partnership with Thames Water

Perceptive Engineering, in partnership with Adsyst Automation, have been selected by Thames Water as part of their AMP6 Framework.

Adsyst Automation Ltd and Perceptive Engineering Ltd are very pleased to announce that they have been selected by Thames Water to deliver Advanced Process Control at multiple sites.  The contract will run for the final part of AMP5 and into AMP6.

Their Advanced Process Control offer will deliver energy savings and reduced risk of consent failure, while at the same time providing control room personnel operators with more reliable and robust information.

While the systems have been installed for Welsh Water, Northumbrian Water and  United Utilities, Thames Water has elected to install additional innovative functionality, including automated management of peak tariff and triad periods, to minimise the cost of bought-in energy.

The partnership between Perceptive and Adsyst will ensure that the projects are delivered in line with Thames’ requirements to ensure safe installation with minimal risk to both process operation and treated water quality.

Matthew Gee, Energy Efficiency Manager with Thames Water, said, “We are looking forward to working with these companies to see what these innovations can deliver, in terms of efficiency and operational improvements".

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