The Reality of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

26 - 28 March 2019, Durham, UK

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An Inaugural Conference examining the fact and fiction of continuous manufacturing (CM) in the pharmaceutical industry.

The event will comprise two days of presentations from early adopters, one of which will take place at the National Formulation Centre in Sedgefield, UK, courtesy of the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). There will also be an opportunity to visit Merck's Cramlington plant, where they recently installed a CDC 50, two ConsiGma™ Coaters, a Bruker Tandem and are utilising Siemens PAT technology.

The focus will be on the real-life experiences of existing users of CM technology, in the development and manufacture of oral solid dosage (OSD) form medicines.

Speakers from AstraZeneca – Bayer – CMAC – GSK – Janssen – MSD – RCPE – UCB Pharma – University of Sheffield will share invaluable and practical insights into 'going conti'.

A collaborative approach to continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Continuous Manufacturing roundtable

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