Perceptive Engineering has won this year's Rushlight Award, in the Water Treatment category.

The Awards celebrate innovation in the cleantech and energy efficiency sectors.  The ceremony's guest of honour was John Loughhead, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, who took time out to re-visit some of the success stories from the event's 10 year history.

Two of the judges commented:

"A step change in control, a low cost solution to create big energy savings in wastewater aeration, which if implemented across the whole of the water industry would create large reductions in power requirements and carbon footprint.”

“Gains in efficiency appear to be in addition to what is already possible and thus could be a significant element in improving overall process efficiency.  It also appears to improve effluent quality, plant reliability and maintenance.”

Perceptive's award-winning entry focused on their work in the water sector, where Advanced Process Control is able to reduce the cost of water treatment while ensuring that quality standards are achieved or exceeded.

To learn more about the awards, please visit the Rushlight webpage.

Or to read about Perceptive's entry, please download a copy of our entry poster:

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