PerceptiveAPC v7.1

More Features.  More Power. Easier to Use.

Building on the success and advanced feature set of v7, our latest release brings more power and greater intuition.

From Design of Experiments, to Gauge R&R, to scale-up, to digital twin modelling, monitoring, control and optimisation... everything you need, now all within one user-friendly platform.

To learn more, please follow this link or contact Perceptive.

The PerceptiveAPC Suite comprises:

PerceptiveAPC Development

PercetiveAPC Real Time, including ControlMV, MonitorMV, BatchMV, SimulateMV

PharmaMV Real Time and Development

Industry-specific solutions WaterMV, NutriMV, PaperMV

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency