Announcing the latest version of Perceptive APC software 

From rapid product design through scale-up into efficient manufacturing, wherever you are in the product lifecycle, you can now deploy the latest release of our software, PerceptiveAPC v7.2, to transform your process efficiency.

Perceptive Engineering's Advanced Process Control suite has already been selected by global blue-chip manufacturers across pharma, CPG, chemicals, nutri sectors and more to provide greater understanding of their processes and to increase operational efficiency.

PerceptiveAPC provides:

  • An integrated software platform for data capture, analytics, monitoring, control and optimisation
  • A unified software suite for off-line development, pilot-plant scale-up, full-scale manufacturing improvement, even in validated manufacturing environments

Focused around the user, the latest release - v7.2 - brings new features, new functionality, and greater ease-of-use.

  • The integrated Optimised Experimental Design Platform significantly increases speed of learning while reducing waste of high-value raw materials.
  • A newly-designed controller comparison tool allows side-by-side viewing of setpoint and disturbance responses, providing rapid fine-tuning and shorter deployment times.
  • Visual mapping of gauge R&R adds confidence in the reliability and validity of physical measurement systems, to reflect critical process data and the impact of quality improvement initiatives.
  • The new OPC UA communications interface enables simple data Import/Export and method execution.
  • Off-line schemes developed for process intensification can be seamlessly transformed into robust, real-time applications, all within the same suite.
  • In-built security lets your team share key information with defined groups or users, wherever and whenever they need it in line with your protocols.

Easily learn how to exploit new features in PerceptiveAPC v7.2 with context-sensitive info panels helping you to control your process and access rich datasets.

With everything in one place, PerceptiveAPC provides a user-friendly environment where you can design, test and deploy the strategies to help you excel in your operational goals.

To learn more about the software, please visit: Perceptive APC v7.2

or contact Perceptive.

The PerceptiveAPC Suite comprises:

PerceptiveAPC Development

PercetiveAPC Real Time, including ControlMV, MonitorMV, BatchMV, SimulateMV

PharmaMV Real Time and Development

Industry-specific solutions WaterMV, NutriMV, PaperMV

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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