PerceptiveAPC v8.0:

Uncovering the hidden beauty in your process

Throughout development to manufacturing, data is key to enable rapid response to market demand. The knowledge to enable intelligent decisions and the wisdom to optimise the complete product lifecycle is now at your fingertips. The latest release of PerceptiveAPC v8.0 delivers the next generation in process monitoring and control.

With beautiful new visualisation options, the platform has been enhanced to enable the intuitive creation of dashboards best-suited to each process development stage.

Act on the richness of data available within your process by making life easy for R&D scientists, development engineers and operators alike. This next-generation platform delivers faster and targeted translation of data into knowledge, leading to faster decision-making. The overhead of data cleansing and complex interpretation is removed, enabling data scientists and process engineers to focus on delivering robust models to support process monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance. 

Easily configurable event management tools and multivariate visualisation objects are seamlessly integrated into dashboards. By supporting code-free interactivity and drill-down, GMP implementation and deployment is greatly simplified.

Powerful workflows allow the seamless transition from data fusion, visualisation, pre-processing and modelling through to real-time deployment. Combined with our extensive Advanced Process Control tools, Perceptive Engineering offers a complete solution for process optimisation from development to routine manufacturing.

Watch an overview of the user-friendly, new features in PerceptiveAPC v8.0

What's new?

To learn more about the new software features, visit: PerceptiveAPC latest release

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The PerceptiveAPC Suite comprises:

PerceptiveAPC Development

PercetiveAPC Real Time

PharmaMV Real Time and Development

Industry-specific solutions WaterMV, NutriMV, PaperMV, CrystalMV

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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