ADVisorMV : monitoring, diagnostics and optimisation for AD


Operation of AD plants can be straightforward, as long as they are monitored and adjusted in a timely manner.
But getting the best out of your AD can be challenging and frequently requires more time and expertise than is available.

More Biogas,
Faster Payback

Your digester needs to generate biogas to pay for itself.
As an operator or OEM, you need something to help keep the plant running close to its optimal capacity, under all conditions.

Make your AD work
Harder, Safer

ADvisorMV works with all AD plants, large or small.

Abnormal or inefficient operation is spotted early and operators alerted automatically, so that changes to the plant be made before problems occur or before efficiency and revenue are compromised.
By harnessing the power of statistical process control, loading rate can be maximised, to process more waste safely and improve biogas yield.

ADvisorMVcan be purchased with OEM Anaerobic Digesters or retro-fitted to existing installations to ease operation and maximise output.

Your On-Site Expert

- Simple interface to record, monitor and optimise biogas production, for small- to large-
scale Anaerobic Digesters
- Dashboard graphics show daily biogas production, methane yield, financial summary
and organic loading rate
- Tablet PC interface for data recording with live displays and remote alerts.
- Wireless or GSM connection, directly to host
- Early warning of abnormal operating conditions or process bottlenecks, with
- Step-by-step operator guides to put the plant back on track
- Automated email and SMS action alerts

Process Knowledge, Process Control: At Your Fingertips

You need a reliable system, that makes it easy for you to get the best return on your investment, with the minimum technical input and the minimum drain on your time.

With  ADvisorMV you enter your daily test results through a simple interface and the system does the rest. Within minutes, you'll know if your plant is operating normally, or if problems are starting to develop that will need your attention.

AdvisorMV is configured to provide a series of step-by-step guides, to help ensure your investment is performing close to its peak at all times.

Our Clients & Partners

Selection of our clients and key partners we work with to improve process efficiency

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