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Experience a whole new way to understand, improve and optimise your process.

Perceptive's award-winning software is now even easier use and packed with more features and functionality than ever before.

  • More ways to unlock your process
  • More tools to help keep your plant operating at its best
  • More techniques to find new solutions that increase efficiency and quality of operation

PerceptiveAPC Real Time

incorporates a comprehensive range of leading-edge APC techniques, offering a powerful and fully configurable system that's independent of the existing automation platform. Our software is available in a modular form, providing you with the flexibility to deploy only what you need for your project.



Reliable and robust interfacing to all commercially-available PLCs via OPC DA Client and Server.
Connector for storage of Data and KPIs in Microsoft SQL or Oracle databases.


Mechanistic, steady-state and dynamic models for soft sensors, monitoring, control and optimisation of advisory open loop or predictive closed loop control. Applicable to batch and continuous processes.


A full suite of tools, including automated outlier detection and alarming, multivariate process monitors using Principal Component Analysis, Partial Least Squares and Extended Partial Least Squares methods. In addition, we've included univariate SPC and multivariable alarm thresholds, operating zone classification tools, fault detection and MVSPC plots.

Control and Optimisation

Whatever you need, it's included. PID Controller selectable structures. State of Art Linear and non linear Model Predictive Control, for both continuous and batch processes. Adaptive control system for all model formats.

Plus automatic management of lost signals, uncertainty and model switching for multi product systems.


Dedicated tools, with full drag-and-drop design functionality, built into the software. Real-time assessment and reporting of data validity ensures you can trust what you're seeing. Comprehensive SPC tools provide more value and deeper insight than graphical representation alone.

  • Visualise what you want to see, how you want to see it.
  • Share insights with remote teams via secure web pages.
  • Highlight key events for comment, analysis, investigation

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