Productivity and Optimisation Tool for Batch and Continuous

BioAPC - Advanced Control for Biopharma Manufacturing

BioAPC® is a software solution for the practical application of data analytics and advanced process control algorithms within biopharma manufacturing. It is underpinned by Perceptive's PharmaMV, incorporating additional features to achieve continual monitoring and optimisation of biopharmaceutical processes.

  • Supports batch and continuous processes

  • Flexible design and real-time execution of Design of Experiments studies with integrated sample management

  • Offline data analysis, pre-treatment and visualisation using BioAPC® Development

  • Model Development and Maintenance facilities in-built

  • Real Time MVA Quality monitoring, Control and Predictive Maintenance

  • Comprehensive user-configurable dashboards

Streamline biopharma development and production processes

The application of digital technologies will unleash the power of continuous processing for biopharma

PAT is already in widespread use to monitor biopharma processes. The vast quantities of useful data generated enables the assessment of process activity and, with active biopharma process control, can optimise quality and throughput.

Increase the accessibility of the biopharmaceutical products through improving the robustness of manufacturing processes.

Continuous manufacturing solution for biopharma

  • High productivity

  • Reduced cycle times, buffer/resin usage

  • Small footprint

  • Scalable

  • Less capital intense facilities

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Fast Track vaccines to market

Fast track vaccines to market in-silico, in-vivo, in-situ, in safety.

Driven by demand and data, PharmaMV enables and supports new technologies such as continuous manufacturing, real-time release, micro-factories and customized medicines. With changing needs, whether responding to a global pandemic or seasonal vaccination programmes, PharmaMV enables manufacturers to produce high volumes of biopharmaceutical products safely, when and where needed.

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