Optimisation, from Development to Scale-Up into Manufacturing

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Exploit the power of PAT directly within your monitor and control platform...
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Continuous Process Verification

Fully meet the requirements of CPV in one integrated platform...
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Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring

Capture, organise, understand interactions within process and quality datasets...
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Mechanistic Models and Digital Design

Rapid characterisation, in-silico development, shorter time to market...
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Advanced Process Control Batch and Continuous

Advanced control, derived from validated digital process models...
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Machine Learning Mechanistic and Hybrid

Exploit machine learning, self-optimisation to guide the process to its optimum...
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Optimised Experimental Design Platform

Time to steady state, time at steady state, rate-of-change tolerance...
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Large Molecule Manufacturing

Advanced Design of Experiment, process monitoring, predictive control...
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Small Molecule Manufacturing

Optimised drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing ...
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