A Flexible Solution for Pharma Pilot Plant Optimisation

ConsiGma 1

GEA Pharma System’s ConsiGma™ 1 R&D process is designed to allow you to test and develop individual process steps with a minimal amount of product, on small scale equipment, but using the same parameters required on production equipment such as the ConsiGma 25.

Through a collaborative partnership, GEA Pharma Systems and Perceptive Engineering have developed a “bolt on” software solution that extends the product and process development capabilities of the ConsiGma 1, by adding tools for automated experimental design and advanced data-driven modelling techniques.

  • Flexible design and real time execution of Design of Experiments studies with integrated sample management
  • Offline data analysis, pre-treatment and visualisation using PharmaMV Development
  • Model Development and Maintenance facilities for Multi Variate Analysis
  • Real Time Quality monitoring and Statistical Process Control
  • Comprehensive User Configurable Dashboards

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