In recent years, pharmaceutical high-value manufacturing has seen a significant shift towards the use of Process Analytical Techniques (PAT). The application of online spectroscopy, chemometrics and calibration modelling allows Critical Quality Attributes to be predicted and monitored in real-time.

The challenge is to manage these PAT instruments and associated data quality, methods and models in a regulatory environment. The investment made by pharmaceutical companies to address these needs in the routine manufacturing environment is significant. In many cases the payback from this investment can be maximised through the application of Advanced Process Control (APC) and optimisation techniques to “close the loop” on the Critical Quality Attributes.

Real-Time Manager (RT Manager) from Perceptive Engineering is a platform for control and management of PharmaMV applications. The combination of the RT Manager and PharmaMV provides a distributed capability for all multi-variable techniques from PAT management and monitoring through to Advanced Process Control and Optimisation. 

This offering is unique in the Pharmaceutical industry. It allows the investment in PAT to be maximised by providing all the tools required for process improvement in an integrated environment without the need for third-party software.

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