APMF 21 is going virtual, join us online!

Advanced Process Modelling Forum 13 - 15 April

Looking forward to being part of the virtual Advanced Process Modelling Forum 2021. Perceptive’s Darren Whitaker is delighted to be part of the program on Thursday 15 April, discussing:
"Use of digital design tools for in silico development of Advanced Process Control and Machine Learning" 

Traditionally, Model Predictive Controllers are trained using process data. which requires substantial time and material investment to execute the process response tests required for model development and validation. A more efficient approach is to employ digital design techniques to reduce the requirement for process run time during controller development. 

Darren will discuss how attaching automation tools to a virtual plant can allow the evaluation of QbD, Machine learning and Advanced Process Control approaches in a risk-free, in-silico manner. A comparison of the information gained by each approach when applied to a flow chemistry process will be presented along with discussion on how this can translate into process knowledge.

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If you're not able to join the event or would like to speak with a member of the Perceptive - an Applied Materials company team directly please contact us

and read more about digital design and scale-up here

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