PAT enables access to powerful analytics and provides a detailed insight into your process, yielding improved monitoring, control and optimisation. 

But to realise the full potential of PAT, your journey shouldn’t end with the hardware.  PharmaMV transforms PAT data into easy-to-digest information, allowing decisive actions to be taken quickly and with confidence. 

PharmaMV is an integrated platform that provides a vital link between R&D and manufacturing by delivering:

  • Chemometrics with Unit Operation based workflows – Model your process with ease!

  • Configurable Dashboards: HTML5 compatible displays

  • Data Fusion - PAT and Process data in a unified interface

  • PAT device management:

  • Configure analytical methods and control from central repository

  • Secure and Compliant:

21 CFR part 11 compliant and ready for deployment in GxP environments

  • A flexible and scalable infrastructure that grows with you

Integration of PharmaMV with your PAT allows:

  • Product Quality Assurance through closed loop control - Process Visibility

  • Deviation Detection through predictive analytics - Cost savings through improved efficiency

  • End Point Prediction- Fault detection and predictive maintenance

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